Finding Ease

Finding Ease offers videos, articles, classes, and sessions to help you find ease.

Veronica A. Wells

Finding Ease was created by Veronica A. Wells (she/her) to support people with finding ease in their mind, body, and spirit. Veronica has been teaching yoga, breath-work, and meditation practices since 2013 and has been offering readings since 2021.

Veronica credits yoga and meditation to helping her through grief, burnout, writing a book, and heart surgery. She grew up in Wisconsin and dabbled in yoga throughout college. During graduate school, she began teaching group fitness classes and discovered the joy of helping people find mindful ways to gain strength, flexibility, and balance. Veronica lived in California for 13 years before relocating to Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina in 2023. During that time she became a dedicated yoga practitioner and a Yoga Alliance certified instructor, studying Ashtanga, Bikram, Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin, Yoga Nidra, and Pranayama. Veronica began practicing intuitive meditation in 2020, which involves tools that allow you to connect deeper with your intuition. She utilizes these tools in both her intuitive readings and intuitive yoga sessions.

Veronica has an extensive academic background in librarianship, musicology, and yogic studies. She has strong desire to empower people to think critically and to examine how systems of power influence our access to information and tools that connect us to ourselves and each other.

Veronica teaches in-person classes at High Country Yoga and offers virtual readings and intuitive yoga through Finding Ease.

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